New Year Message from Pastor Ernesto in Cuba

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"Beloved brothers and sisters from First Baptist church of Sylva,

For this year, we wish for you guys to start the year with health and peace. We are living through some difficult times at the moment, which we have to place in the hand of God.

We are praying for all of you, asking God that you all are well, and that if there’s anything going on with your family that God will take control of the situation and guide you to a solution. This new year, our church is going to focus on family, in which we include you.

I found out from Pastor Jeff what happened to the wife of one of your former pastors. This news is very sad and difficult to manage. We are praying that God will give you wisdom as you grieve their loss and respond with kindness and support. When difficulties and tragedies occur, put your energy into what can happen next so that God’s redemptive power can spring into action. 

We love you and will remember you in our prayers during the coming year, and will hope alongside you that 2018 will make our love for Jesus Christ stronger."

A hug,
Ernesto and Marisol