Supplies Needed for Summer Explorers Camp


Summer Explorers Camp will begin on Monday, June 10th. Our staff and campers are getting excited about all that we will be doing this summer! We need your help with a few supplies as we prepare for camp. Some of these items could be lying around your house! Also, feel free to check out our Amazon wishlist here:

Hole Punchers 
Construction Paper 
White and colored computer paper 
Varied Poster Board 
Washable ink pads
Varied Colored Acrylic Paint 
Paintbrushes and sponges 
Colored Duct or Masking Tape 
Origami Paper 
Fabric Scraps 
Colored Beads 
Water Balloons
Hula Hoops 
5-gallon buckets 
PVC Pipe 
Cooking supplies (i.e. cookie sheets, aluminum foil, cooking spray, spatulas, kid-friendly knives, cookie cutters) 
Zip lock bags 
For more information contact Kelly Brown, 1st Explorers Ministry Director.

1st Explorers Donations Needed

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1st Explorers could use your support in donating the following supplies: 

  • Cotton balls 

  • Glue: glue sticks, glue bottles, hot glue sticks and/or gallon containers. 

  • Varied colored construction paper. 

  • Poster board and/or paper.

  • Canvases of all sizes. 

  • Varied colored yarn. 

  • Tape: colored, masking, craft, duck and/or scotch. 

  • Writing utensils: pencils, washable markers, crayons, and/or expo markers.

Also, see our Amazon wishlist here to order things directly from Amazon for us:
All items can be left outside of Kelly’s office in the 1st Explorers Area. If you have any questions, contact Kelly, our 1st Explorers Ministry Director. 

1st Explorers Amazon Wishlist

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If you’re looking for a way to support our 1st Explorers Ministry, please consider checking out our Amazon wishlist! Thank you to everyone who helps to make our Children’s programs so great!

You can access our wishlist at this link:

Why I Serve...

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Gaye Buchanan teaches our 4-year-old Wee Explorers Preschool class.

I serve in Wee Explorers because working with children makes me happy. I was already volunteering on Wednesdays with children at the church in first through fifth grades and enjoying it. I saw the Wee Explorers job advertised in the Sylva Herald and felt instantly that God had led me to it. I wanted something part-time and I love children so it was a perfect fit.
I love the age group (4 yrs) because they are small enough to be hilarious and old enough to teach. I left 2 hours early today for a funeral and they all had to hug me goodbye before I could leave! My grandchildren all live away from here so it also fills a void in my life.