Report from Raise the Roof Committee

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Thanks to the generosity of our church members, we have approximately $58,000.  The Deacon Board has approved letting the campaign continue to September 1.

The new roof for our church will begin May 28.  Johnson Roofing will lay the shingles at a lower cost because we are a church.  The work on the wall should begin soon.  In our initial letter and presentation to you, we listed four projects that needed immediate attention— the Roof, wall, boiler, and windows.  We will continue to work for the next three months to accomplish these projects as more money is needed to complete them.

There are two fundraising projects we are working on now.  One will be selling the stained glass windows from the Chapel.  They are in the Gathering Room.  You may buy one for a donation, but there is a reserve on each one,  you may pay in the Church Office or pay Jennie or Linda

There is also one new church pillar like the ones in front of the MFC.  The reserve on the pillar is $100.  

The second project is a tablescape luncheon Saturday, August 24 in MFC.  Rebecca Mathis will be our entertainment , singing Broadway hits.  If you would be willing to sponsor a table, which would mean selling seven $25 tickets for your table, please see Teresa Manring, Jennie Hunter or Linda Stewart.  We will help you with table setting and decoration.  If you have any questions, please contact Jennie Hunter at 399-0623 or Linda Stewart at 421-2303.

Clothing Drive Donations Needed!

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The Have Mercy Challenge team serving the Poorly Clothed in our community will be holding a clothing drive on Saturday, June 1 in the MFC. They are asking for church-wide clothing donations. They will be collecting clothes for the whole month of May. Their goal is to gather clothes for all age groups, including maternity. They need clothes that are in good quality as well as up-to-date (no poodle skirts needed). All clothes that are not claimed will be donated to Sylva Linings.  Please leave clothing donations in the Loving Kindness Room in the bin labeled “Serving the Poorly Clothed” by May 31st.

Rise Against Hunger


May 11th starting at 9 a.m. is a Rise Against Hunger event at Sylva United Methodist Church. Rise Against Hunger is an international hunger relief organization that distributes food and life-changing aide to the world's most vulnerable, mobilizing the necessary resources to end hunger by 2030. It was started as Stop Hunger Now in 1998 by a United Methodist minister. We'll be trying to pack 10,000 meals which if we have 30 to 40 volunteers should take about two hours. More on Rise Against Hunger - The Sylva Rotary Club along with Rotary Clubs from Highlands and Haywood County along with church groups will be participating. It is open to volunteers age 5 and up.

Feeding the Hungry and Thirsty Project

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The Have Mercy Challenge’s “Feeding the Hungry and Thirsty” team has decided to adopt the Jackson County School of Alternatives (formerly known as “The Hub”). Our group learned about the need from Brooke Dills, who is a teacher there. Brooke shared with us that the students there are hungry.

Our group will supply snacks for the kids there (about 125 of them). We need a steady supply of individually wrapped snacks and drinks to provide for them. Examples: packs of crackers, granola bars, small bottles of water, Little Debbie snack cakes, etc.

Tonya Lloyd is the team leader and is asking you to pick up an extra snack or two when at the grocery store. There is a container in the Loving Kindness room that you can put those items into. Brooke Dills has offered to take the items to school as needed.

Contact Tonya Lloyd for more info:
586-5917 (h), 226-9663 (c)

Adopt a Widow Project

The Have Mercy Challenge Widows Team has decided to "adopt" widows and widowers and do special things for them throughout the year. We have already had several people sign up to "adopt" at least 2 people. Because we have 37 widows and 5 widowers connected with our congregation, we are in need of other people who would be interested in helping. We sure don't want to leave anyone out!

Our group is already starting to reach out to their "adopted" friends and will continue to do so throughout the year. We've suggested things like taking them to lunch, sending cards, phone calls, visits, etc. We felt a short term project would not be as beneficial as one that is on-going.

Cheryl Beck is the team leader and has a list of names of people who haven't yet been adopted. Please contact her at 828-421-3820 if you are interested in being a part of this project.

Have Mercy - 2019.png