Volunteer for Hospice

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Hospice is a form of compassionate and quality care for people facing life-limiting illness and injury. The word itself dates back to the Middle Ages, meaning "a place of safe haven for travelers, pilgrims and the sick." Today, hospice is a special program, often provided in a patient's home, designed to make the end of life experience a positive one. Our goal is to provide exceptional care and unparalleled service to patients and families who have placed their trust in us. Our hospice care team include specially trained and experienced doctors, nurses, nurse aide, social worker, and spiritual and bereavement counselors. As a hospice volunteer, you'll be an important member of the hospice care team, helping to serve a wide range of people with a variety of life-limiting illnesses. As a volunteer you may be asked to; listen and support the patient and family, read or sit with patients for short periods of time, prepare meals, write letters, etc. All volunteers are required to complete a background check and a drug test. Training is provided to all volunteers as part of your volunteer experience. Hospice volunteers often say their experience is personally rewarding and emotionally meaningful to help those in need at a critical point in their lives. Your volunteer work is significant and can make a positive impact in the quality of others' lives. Please call me if you feel a desire to be part of such an amazing team and community, Casey Jo at 828-631-1702.

Serving the Prisoner - Have Mercy Challenge


The Have Mercy Challenge Prisoner Team is collecting children's books, young adult books, and children/family games that are in good condition to begin their ministry to prisoners and their families. These books and games will be donated to the families/children of local prisoners. If you have anything you would like to donate, please leave them in the labeled box in Loving Kindness room.

Serving the Immigrant


The Have Mercy Challenge Team ministering to immigrants has learned migrant farm workers in WNC need long-sleeved shirts for protection from sun and scratches when working in the fields. We invite you to share men’s shirts you may not be using by putting them in a labeled box in the Loving Kindness Room. We’ll get them to the Vecinos organization which supports the needs of those workers, and they will be distributed. Thank you!

Tonight! Prayer Walk and Homemade Ice Cream Contest

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We will be participating in a Prayer Walk on Wednesday night, August 14 at Scott’s Creek School to pray for students, teachers, and administrators. We will meet in the church parking lot at 6 PM. This will be a prayer walk for all the schools in Jackson County and the surrounding areas.

While the Prayer Walk is going on from 6-7 PM, those who don’t participate in the walk can meet with Sandra James in the MFC to write encouraging notes to our teachers and students. Come with a pen!


When we return, the judging for our Annual Homemade Ice Cream Contest will commence. Judy Wilkey will be defending her championship from last year!

Practicing Soul Friendship

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In ancient Ireland, a soul friend was someone with whom you could…
Share the practical matters of your life.
Reveal your life’s deep joys and sorrows.
Be for someone a sanctuary of trust and unconditional love.

You are invited to strengthen a friendship this fall. Practicing the ancient, Celtic tradition of Anam Cara, or soul friendship, is a way that you can deepen your relationship with someone you already know.

What’s the Plan?

-Participants in the Anam Cara Projectwill identify someone with whom they would like to strengthen a friendship.

-Participants will attend an afternoon retreat on Sunday, September 8that Lake Junaluska Conference Center. Lunch will be provided, and participants will learn how to practice Anam Cara by strengthening a friendship. 

-Pairs of friends will commit to spending an hour with each other once a week for 6 weeks. Pairs can meet in person or arrange to talk on the phone. 

-The pastor will schedule a brief conversation with each participant at the conclusion of the project to discuss their experience. 

How do I participate?

-Identify someone with whom you’d like to deepen a friendship. This is most likely someone you already know and may very well be a close friend! The friend you invite to practice Anam Cara with does not have to be a member of our church, or even reside here locally.

-Make plans to attend the afternoon retreat on September 8. The friend with whom you are going to practice soul friendship with is encouraged to attend! There is no cost for the event. 

-Commit to practicing Anam Cara with your friend for one hour a week for six weeks. 

-Let Pastor Jeff know that you are interested by completing the sign-up form at this link: https://forms.gle/uTu8dM6WVvuhhUJJ8


Anam Cara, or soul friendships, are relationships that are marked by high commitment levels, mutuality, and reciprocity. The individuals who practice this type of friendship become Christ to one another; hearing concerns, sharing joys, and modeling unconditional love. In life, and along the way, God provides us companions to walk alongside us. By sharing our lives with one another, our faith is deepened and our perspective on life begins to change. We recognize that we are not alone, and that Christ is coming up alongside us as we travel together. Having an Anam Cara is good for the friends who walk side by side. But even better, Anam Cara is how we can best be church to one another. 

Be church with us this fall as we walk along the path together. 

Baby Shower


2 babies are on the way!
Join us for a baby shower to celebrate with two of our church families.

Sunday, July 7, 2019
3:00 – 4:00 PM
The Gathering Place

Rebecca and Bill DeVoe
Due September 10
It's a boy!
Registered at Target


Michelle and Kevin Stephens
Due August 3
It's a surprise!
Registered on Amazon and My Sweet Pickles
Password to view registry is stephens3

A Note from Janet Ford

Dear Church Family,
Thank you all so very much for the many cards, phone calls, emails, and other kind words of encouragement and support following the recent passing of my father. You have been the true body of Christ as you offered sympathy and compassion during a difficult time. I am grateful for the blessing that is you, my church family!
Janet Ford