Words of Gratitude from Tia Ashley

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Words of Gratitude from Tia Ashley

During the month of November, we will be demonstrating our gratitude to our church staff. Some of our staff members will be offering their own words of gratitude for our church in the Chimes each week. We pray that these words of thanksgiving will model for us a spirit of appreciation for our church and for one another. 

This week, we will hear from our Administrative Assistant, Tia Ashley, and from Dee Grantham. 

Why I’m Grateful for First Baptist Church of Sylva
By Tia Ashley

One of the reasons I enjoy living in Jackson County is that I love the intimacy of small town living. I love knowing that if you go to the store you’re likely to run into everyone you know and their mother. I also love not having to wait in long lines or traffic every day, like you would in a busy city. And I love being able to find secret, quiet hideaways where you can get away from everything and enjoy being outdoors. Living here is just good for the soul.

Here at First Baptist Church, we have a tightly knit congregation that constantly proves to me another reason I love living in a small community. When I come to church on Sundays, I know I’ll be greeted by familiar faces and warm embraces. I have the comfort of knowing that sweet friends will take the time to stop by my office during the week and brighten my day. I’m grateful to know that if I am ever in need of help, there is a long list of church members who are willing to lend me a hand. This is the kind of church that sticks with you and becomes your family. 

You can tell a church is a family by their willingness to help. Our church jumps at any opportunity to help by not only serving our community, but serving others as well. Our mission teams are making a difference both locally and beyond. A prime example of that is the Disaster Relief Team that just returned from Texas this week. They did such an incredible job being God’s hands and feet by helping those who needed it most. I am proud to be part of a church that is selflessly doing God’s work every day.

I am humbled and grateful that First Baptist Church of Sylva decided to let me into their family a little over two years ago. Thank you all for allowing me serve alongside you. 

Tia—The Face and Voice of First Baptist
By Dee Grantham

One who is not familiar with First Baptist Church and walks into our office or calls, will, more than likely, encounter our Administrative Assistant first. What an important role Tia Ashley carries on her young shoulders. She does, indeed, become the face and the voice of our church. I ponder this fact and come away feeling confident that we are fortunate in that respect.

I cannot imagine the many tasks she is responsible for in her administrative role. However, I do work closely with her regularly, often requiring weekly, if not daily, phone calls to update our prayer list. In doing so, I am delighted to focus on her skills as I have observed them. First of all, her dependability and her availability are without question. I have never asked her to help me complete a task without her readily agreeing to do so. She makes one feel that your particular request is the most important item on her agenda at that time. That is an amazing quality. I have found her to have the computer expertise needed in her job, and her gracious spirit in dealing with all the ages and personalities among our membership is a valued trait. She exhibits a willingness and even an appreciation for learning and is receptive to any suggestions that make her more effective in her varied interactions with our membership. She seems to possess a style of quiet efficiency.

It is easy to take for granted the smooth day to day operation of any organization. We've come to expect that. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to give affirmation to Tia for her service to our church.