United Christian Ministries Needs

Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard to get her poor dog a bone. And when she went there, the cupboard was bare.....BARE! How can that be?

For 27 years we have supported UCM's cupboard, helping to feed the hungry of Jackson County. Yes, we do help financially to keep the doors open, but lately our donations of food have been nearly nonexistent.

Make buying a little extra each week as you shop for your groceries a priority.  BOGO....give the free one to UCM.  Or make certain that you have included 10% of your bill to donate to UCM....spending $60 on yourself while spending $6.00 on UCM.

We have a UCM box in the Kindness room where it is convenient for collecting your food items. Don't let Old Mother Hubbard find it bare!