1st annual Rock-a-Thon
Rocking for Missions


When: Saturday, October 13th from 10 AM - 2 PM

Location: First Baptist Church of Sylva’s outdoor front common area

Mission:  Our GA, RA and Acteen mission programs work hard every year learning about missionary work here and abroad.  We want to provide them with an opportunity to earn funds in a FUN way to help provide for a missionary project. 

Rock-A-Thon description:  We hope to have 10-15 school age participants, Grades 2-12, to rock in rocking chairs between 10 AM - 2 PM.   Kindergartners and 1st graders are welcome but a parent or guardian must stay with the child during the event. 

How will they raise money? Each participant will get at least 5 sponsors to sponsor their rocking efforts per hour and also help sell jewelry, coffee, and baked goods. 

How will the money be used to benefit mission services? To provide food boxes for children and youth through United Christian Ministries of Jackson County, NC. 

How can I help?  You can help by sponsoring your child and help them achieve their goals of 5 or more sponsors or if your child is unable to attend you can also help by donating baked goods to sell or monetary funds to First Baptist Church of Sylva/Mission programs by check or cash at our church office M-F 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM.   

Can I volunteer?  We would love for you to volunteer your time during the event.  You can also rock for missions and have sponsors yourself or you can donate baked goods to sell or just be present to support your child at the event. 

Deadline:  All permission slips/Volunteers forms are due by October 10th

                   All sponsorship forms and money is due by Oct 13th. 


Contact:   Bethany Moore @ 828-226-3433 or Email

The Value of Relationships.


CBF field personnel Karen Morrow shares with others that refugees resettled in the United States receive pre-planned support for six months. That includes the basics, such as a place to live, homemaking necessities, a first job. “But from then on, they’re lost,” she says, explaining newcomers still need help learning to adjust to and fit into their adopted country.

“A Congolese father told me: ‘We do not want your things (although they still could use more things). We want your relationship. Where we came from, our aunties and uncles taught us how to make a life. We do not know how to live here.’ So, we’re here to create community, to make them feel welcome, to teach them how to live here.”

Karen Morrow does that in the name and spirit of Christ. She crosses language, ethnic and religious barriers with friendly support and the love of Jesus.

Teachers at All Ages and Stages


"I'm very thankful for our volunteer teachers at the Ready for School Program, a literacy based program for refugee preschoolers and their parents which helps prepare them to enter U.S. schools. Between the four classes in Fort Worth, we touched the lives of 100 refugee families this past year. Our volunteers are from all ages and stages of life and lovingly give their time to invest in the lives of refugee families. To these families they are all 'teacher' as they learn colors, numbers, shapes and skills they will need to begin school. A big thank you to all the teachers as we begin another school year. Please pray for our volunteers and families as the new school year beings, and pray that we have even more volunteer teachers this year."

- Karen Morrow, CBF field personnel in Fort Worth, Texas

Sylva 1st Wednesday Evening Programs Begins August 22

Your family is invited to come and take part in our Sylva 1st Wednesday evening programs.  There is something for everyone!  Our Wednesday night programs will resume on August 22.  Supper will be provided (youth and children eat for FREE!) at 5:30 PM followed at 6:00 PM by Mission Friends for Pre-K and Kindergarten and our SHINE ministry for grades 1-6.  7th – 12th Graders will participate in Youth Group and programs designed for their age level.

 Fun Times together! 

Fun Times together! 

SHINE, for grades 1-6, includes children’s choir, drama class and a liturgical dance class. The “SHINE” ministry is designed to help children learn to actively participate in worship through these disciplines. These groups assist in leading worship on Sunday morning from time to time as a part of their spiritual development. This is a time packed full of fellowship and working together to learn how we praise God through different elements of worship, with the focus on music, drama, creative movement and art. 

Mission Friends is a time for our Pre-K and kindergarteners to learn about how Christians are spreading God’s word around the globe and in our own country.  They will learn to pray for these missionaries and find ways that they can help with some of those ministries.  It is an opportunity for them to learn and take part in supporting mission efforts around the world. 

 Learning with friends

Learning with friends

After supper, Youth in grades 7-12 will participate in Youth Group which includes Bible Study, creative worship, game nights, discipleship, and chances to participate in ministry to others.  All this is designed to build community and provide spiritual growth for those in their teen years.  This time is informal, and questions are encouraged.  The teen years are a time of searching and becoming the adults they will be.  A safe place to ask questions about faith and spiritual growth is essential as they grow in their own walks with Christ.  

 Wrapping presents for a Christmas project

Wrapping presents for a Christmas project

And, of course, there is also an Adult Bible Study which meets in the Mission and Fellowship Center immediately following our prayer time at 6:00 PM. Our Bible Study provides parents and other adults a chance to go deeper into scripture, searching out the truths that shape our faith.  There is truly something for everyone in the family! 

We invite you to make this time a priority for your family as we grow together as a community of faith! 

Mission Education for Children & Youth Begins on August 22 at 4:30 PM!


Mission education for our school aged children and youth begins at 4:30. R.A.s (Royal Ambassadors) is for boys in grades 1-6 and G.A.s (Girls in Action) is for girls grades 1-6. Like our Mission friends, they will be learning how to pray for and support missionaries at home and abroad.  These groups also engage in activities that allow them to participate in missions through local projects and collecting money and supplies for missionaries in other places.   

At the same 4:30 time slot, the youth participate in their own mission education experince.  Through Acteens or Youth on Mission, youth grades 7-12 learn about our mission endeavors, and how to pray for our missionaries. They will also actively participate in mission projects both local and around our state. 

Training Witnesses of God's Love


"We were recently asked to train 100+ Ukrainian Christian school teachers. When asked about the most important problem in their classrooms, the common answers were discipline and authority. The Ukrainian educational system still uses the old Soviet system. It does not value students, practices shaming and expects authority. During the training I explained that authority delivers short-term results, but influence goes farther. We used Jesus' example with the Samaritan woman to show Jesus' focus on building relationships that lead to transformation. At the end of our teaching, unexpectedly, we were thanked with a standing ovation and an outpouring of gifts. We are thankful that through CBF we are able to fulfill our call to teach and train others to be witnesses of God's acceptance, redeeming love and abundant life."

-  Gennady and Mina Podgaisky, CBF field personnel in Kiev, Ukraine

Seeing the Bible With Fresh Eyes


"In Cambodia, widows, orphans, immigrants and the poor still need protection. The spirit world is an everyday preoccupation, with temples in every neighborhood and frequent offerings to stone idols. Daily bread is not a given. These are major concerns of the Bible, but in the US, we usually gloss over these passages or spend a lot of time contextualizing them to make sense to us. In Cambodia, though, many of these passages apply directly to the lives of Cambodians with little explanation needed. By reading the Bible in Khmer alongside Cambodians, I see significant themes that are hard to notice in an American context. New words, interesting translation choices, different grammar, and having to read more slowly help me see things I've never noticed before. You may not be able to learn a new language just for reading the Bible, but I encourage you to think about how you can find ways to see the Bible with fresh eyes."

- David and Lauren Bass, CBF field personnel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 

The Gift of God’s Word to Our Neighbor


"A local partner congregation here in Texas recently invested over $700 in bi-lingual Bibles written specifically for young children. After their recent book fair, we presented about 40 of the 90 Bibles to Kindergarten children. This particular Bible can be read by parents to their children, whether they speak primarily English or Spanish at home. There are also really wonderful pictures inside to help the children understand stories from the Bible. The rest of the Bibles will be used this summer during Vacation Bible School. What a great gift! I am always thankful for wonderful partners who help bring God's Word to the people of southern Texas!"

- Diann Berry, CBF field personnel, Rio Grande Valley, Texas

Passport Offering

Kelly and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the Passport offering this year. Your contributions will help fund some very important ministries!  Kelly and I divided the bottles between the youth and the children.  The youth ended up donating $379.00 to the Passport offering.  The total collected at Passport Choices in Greensboro was $1,327.00.  There were 11 churches contributing and 28.5% of that offering came from FBC Sylva! The children donated $408.00 in Montreat. The total collected in Montreat was a little over $1,600.00 and roughly 25% of that came from FBC Sylva. There is also a little more (roughly $100) that was in the bottles as checks written to the church.  These will be sent on to Passport as an additional offering.  Thank you all so much for your willingness to help with these mission offerings.  Your generosity will go far in ministering to those in need.
- Carol Cloer

Loving the Neighbors Who Are Different Than Us

"Several years ago we were invited to take part in an interreligious debate. Afterwards I talked with the Muslim Imam -- Hamza. Since then we have gotten to know him well. We ask each other hard questions and try to better understand each other's faith. Recently we talked about the violence practiced in the name of Islam. I was struck by his remark -- 'Understand that we also fear the extremists. Please tell your American friends that.' 

Ignorance encourages fear and prejudice, so we must better understand Muslims and learn to live together in peace. Pray for the moderate voices of Islam in a world of extremes. Pray that the Lord will help us to see the world as God does and to love our neighbors and our enemies."

- David Brown, CBF field personnel in Paris, France