Fan the Flame

Fan the Flame.png

Last Sunday many of you received a small fan to remind you of WMU's Heck-Jones Offering for 2018.  This year any contributions received will be given in honor of our graded missions leaders:  Beth Moore, Chris Moore, Gaye Buchanan, Kelly Brown, Carol Cloer, Linda Todd Phelps, and others who are helping "fan the flame" -- nurturing our children and youth in love for Christ, His people and for His mission. 

If you would like to help honor these dedicated workers, remember to put your money in your offering envelope, along with your tithe, and designate it for the "Heck-Jones Offering".

You can also stop by the church office with your contribution.  Please do this by September 24th.

Thank you for your part in helping to "fan the flame"!