Every 15 seconds, a child dies around the world because the water they drink makes them sick. 

This statement is the reason that GAs and RAs distributed water bottles as the congregation exited the sanctuary.  On the bottles was a label with the following instructions:

        1)Drink this water.  Pray for those who don't have safe water.
        2)Cut off top of bottle or cut a slit and fill bottle with change (or bills).
        3)Return to church office by June 24th.

The money collected will be our children's and youth's contribution to the Passport project "Watering Malawi".

During their week at Passport Camp, the children and youth who are attending from our church will learn more about this mission opportunity and other ways to reach out with God's love.

If you would like to learn more about the project and about the Passport connection, go to wateringmalawi.org/about

Our WMU is supporting this project.  Thank you to Sandra and Leo James for obtaining the water bottles, Tia Ashley for printing the labels,the GAs for labeling the bottles, the RAs and GAs and their leaders for distributing the bottles, and Emma Burnes for making the announcement on Sunday. 

Hope to see a lot of water bottles with money inside returned to the church office by JUne 24th!