Dear Church Family,

Grateful…humbly grateful…

The music and services this past Sunday touched my soul…beginning with the morning worship, followed by the Community Chorus at WCU, and ending with our evening Community Thanksgiving gathering. Throughout the day, so many times I heard the words: unity, togetherness, community, and being one in Christ. Sunday evening our sanctuary was almost full as we gathered with our friends from surrounding churches. At the reception which followed, I noticed that people did not grab a cookie and leave. They were genuinely enjoying each other as they lingered to greet and talk with one another. I was grateful to see and experience love and peace and hope…all day long.

And, while scurrying around town yesterday with multiple lists in hand, I was again reminded of being grateful. In all the busyness, I was grateful to be called by name when walking into a local business. I was grateful to take a few minutes to share small talk and hugs with folks I had not seen in a long time.

And, if you can believe it, I was even grateful (well, some of the time) shopping for food items I usually do not need except during this time of year. Of course, that meant finding an employee, asking for assistance, locating the item which was not “where it used to be”. There were buggies backed up in every aisle. People were everywhere. However, folks were generally in a good mood and even smiling. I saw strangers helping strangers find items on the other’s list. Employees were checking their inventory devices to see if certain items were indeed in stock, on back order, or out of stock. I was grateful to see and experience patience and helpfulness and smiles…throughout the store. And, I was extra grateful that there were LOTS of cashiers!

Being grateful is a blessing we give ourselves, I believe.

Happy Thanksgiving,