Fan the Flame.png

Thank you to everyone who helped in WMU's campaign to recognize and honor our graded missions leaders through contributing to the Heck-Jones Offering.  The "Fan the Flames" effort garnered $974.01 with a match from an anonymous donor bringing the total contributions to $2000.00.   The money will used for statewide WMU projects to help children, teens, and adults grow in God's love and discover their role in spreading the Gospel.  

Our offering will be sent in honor of:
     Beth Moore -- Mission Friends leader
     Linda Todd Phelps, Nell Cummins, Sandra James -- Mission Friends helpers
     Gaye Buchanan -- GAs leader
     Tonya Lloyd -- GA helper
     Chris Moore --  RA leader
     Kelly Brown -- RA leader
     Carol Cloer -- Youth on Mission
     1st Explorers Staff -- for helping with all groups

 Thank you First Baptist Church for your generous support!