1st Explorers Staff Spotlight

Get to know our 1st Explorers staff as we highlight a different staff member every week!




Where are you from?
My momma. Kidding. 
Globe, Arizona
Statesville, North Carolina  

Where are you in school? What year are you? What’s your major?
I am a Junior at Western Carolina University where I am working on my Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship with a cognate in Art. 

When you were in Kindergarten, what did you want to be when you grew up?
In kindergarten, I wanted to be a doctor and fix people. 

Now, today, what kind of career do you want to have?
For my career, I would like to start my own School, Art Center or Business.

Favorite Bible verse or story? Why?
1 Corinthians 13:4-8. 
This is my favorite verse because, I believe love is the strongest thing on earth. It has the ability to change people, can cure hatred, and can be shared with anyone.

“I spend a lot of my free time doing…”
Things on my phone: looking up crafts for Art, searching wedding ideas, talking to friends/family.

One thing I love about living in Western North Carolina is…
the scenery and the many colors nature has to offer. 

One thing I want to do before graduating is…
to take a moment to reflect on college life. To look back and see how what has happened and where I’m going is making me into the person God intended me to be.