Summer's Final Checklist

As we head into the last few weeks of summer, be sure that you don’t miss out on the following opportunities as the days begin to get shorter.
-Drop by and hear the laughter of children and their leaders at our Summer Explorers Camp each day of the week. You are also invited to our End of Camp Celebration in our Mission and Fellowship Center on Thursday, August 10th beginning with dinner at 5:00 PM.
-Drive up on the Blue Ridge Parkway above 4500’ in elevation and pick blueberries. And watch out for bears.
-Attend our final Enneagram seminar this Sunday, August 6th at 4:30 PM in our Gathering Place room and learn more about the complex and dynamic person God created you to be.
-Stroll through campus at Western Carolina University and pray for the incoming students and returning faculty. Also, linger by the stadium and put in a few extra prayers for the football team and their coaching staff.
-Attend ‘Unto These Hills’ in Cherokee before their summer season ends and enjoy their new/old take on a powerful story.
-Go to Wal-Mart for no particular reason and spend an hour catching up with old friends in the aisles. One suggestion, though: Don’t make mental notes of what brand of toothpaste they have in their carts.
-Put Wednesday, August 23rd on your calendar and make plans for your family to be a part of our ‘Sylva First Wednesday’ offerings for children, youth and adults. Dinner will begin at 5:15 PM, followed by activities for all ages beginning at 6:00 PM. Lastly, Bob would love to have you join the choir at 7:15 PM.
-Find a hammock and dig out that book you intended to read this summer. Then get cracking on it!
-Eat some ice cream. See a movie at the Quinn. Eat a couple of hotdogs from B & Al’s Grill and wash them down with a milkshake.
-Make plans to develop one new spiritual discipline for the fall. Look at your daily rhythms and find a time to pray, read, listen and reflect.
-Commit to printing out a copy of each week’s prayer list and lift-up our church family each day.
-Find someone to watch the eclipse with on Monday, August 21st.
-Can some beans. Make some freezer jam.
-Plan a Sunday School gathering before fall starts in earnest. It can be grand like a day-trip, or simple like an after-worship picnic.
-Visit our ‘Loving Kindness Center’ and make plans to be generous.
-Surprise a loved one with a squirt from a water gun. (Extra points for those who attempt this during the ‘Passing of the Peace’ segment in worship)
-Stop and give your attention to a summer thunderstorm and be mindful of the work of our awesome God.
There are only a few weeks left in what’s been a glorious summer. Make the most of the time we have been given and savor it.