Circles of Hope Update

The long term goal of Circles of Hope Jackson County is to move 10% of the county’s population out of poverty.  We have 9000  people in the county living below the poverty level making our goal 900 people.  Our goal each year is to move 20 families out of poverty.

We work to help them get a living wage job or an education that will lead to a living wage job. The Circle Leaders (those living in poverty who must take a leadership role in their journey out of poverty) attend 16 weeks of training after which they are assigned an Ally  who serves as a friend, cheer leader, and resource person. The Circle Leaders continue to come each week for the next year or two.  We provide a healthy meal each week and child care.

We have been in operation only 3 years and are now ranked in the top 30% of the national Circles organizations.  The first year we spent 6 months getting organized and then worked with only 5 Circle Leaders while we learned the program.The second year we worked with 2 groups of six each and this year we have 7 in each class.  Only 2 of the 31  clients we have had in the program did not graduate from  the 16 weeks of classes.  50% of our graduates have gotten better paying jobs.  30% now have stable housing, and 30% have gone back to school. One has started her own business.

First Baptist Church has been an integral part of this effort by allowing Circles to use our facility for meetings and childcare. We are very thankful for your continued support.

Ginger Fullbright 

Ann Melton 

Circles of Hope Volunteers