The View from My Desk

Sylva is a beautiful town. I know that anyone who calls it home would agree with me on this. It’s a place that I hold dear to my heart, and I never tire of getting outside and admiring the mountains that encompass our little town. However, on a daily basis, I get a tour of Sylva without ever leaving my desk.

This town isn’t solely composed of beautiful scenery, fun shops, and too many auto parts stores. This town is composed of people. These people filter in and out of the church office daily, each showing me a different patch on the intricately woven quilt that makes up Sylva. Here is what I see:

I see the mail carrier, who shares in my enthusiasm when a fun package comes in.

I see tourists, who spend their vacation time travelling back to places they spent in their childhood, such as our church.

I see smiling parents, excited to pick up their children from our preschool after a hard day at work.

I see church members coming in to contribute their time and energy to God by completing various projects that need to be done in and around the church.

I see our staff members who work more hours than they are required to, just so things will run smoothly.

I see children in our After School and Summer Camp programs running up and down our halls laughing with joy.

I see community.

Our church is made up of so many lovely people, and I delight in the time I get to spend with each of them. These people have enriched my life in more ways than I can count. Not many people can say that they get a tour of their town at work every day; and I think that makes me pretty blessed.

Tia Ashley, Administrative Assistant