New Church Members!

Our church family has grown so much this past year! We would like to welcome these families and individuals to our fellowship, and we can't wait to see how our church will grow in 2018!

Emma Burnes.jpg

Emma Burnes

Rebecca DeVoe

Julie, Zack, Lindsey, Kuechly Faulkenberry.jpg

Julie, Zack, Kuechly, and Lindsey Faulkenberry

Abby Fisher.jpg

Abby Fisher


Janet Ford

Marina Hunley-Graham.jpg

Marina Hunley-Graham

Brayden Logan.png

Brayden Logan

Teresa Deitz Manring.jpg

Teresa Deitz Manring


Ellen Mathis

Robbie and Rusty McLeod.jpg

Robbie and Rusty McLeod

Aerin McLeod.jpg

Aerin McLeod

Beth, Chris, Mattie, Lucie Moore.jpg

Beth, Chris, Lucie, and Mattie Moore

Linda Phelps.jpg

Linda Phelps


Jonathan and Jordyn Sessoms


Peyton and Noah Sessoms