Words of Gratitude from Lorie Meservey

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During the month of November, we will be demonstrating our gratitude to our church staff. Some of our staff members will be offering their own words of gratitude for our church in the Chimes each week. We pray that these words of thanksgiving will model for us a spirit of appreciation for our church and for one another.

This week, we will hear from our Church Organist, Lorie Meservey, and Linda Stewart.

Why I am Grateful for the First Baptist Church of Sylva
By Lorie Meservey

I love First Baptist Church because of your loving kindness toward me these 10 years as your organist. I also want to thank you for your kindness toward my husband Norman and accepting him as one of your own, especially the Men's Sunday School Class. 

During this time as your organist I've learned so much from Dr. Bob Holquist, such as learning to play different styles of music, giving me wonderful opportunities, and his patience in helping me through difficult rhythms.

In the 59 years of my career and the many places I've played, never have I found (outside of my "home" church where I grew up) a more loving, tolerant, and forgiving congregation as you.

Thank you for the honor of serving God in this house of worship. 

Words of Affirmation for Lorie Meservey
By Linda Stewart

When I think about Lorie, several words come to mind - talented, faithful, dependable, dedicated - to name a few. 

Lorie has faithfully served our Church for almost ten years. She has ministered to us through her music as well as endearing herself to so many of our Church family. She leads us in worship every Sunday. She dedicates herself to practice and is always well prepared and willing to play whatever music is required of her. Her faithfulness is outstanding, as she seldom ever takes time off. 

I know how much Lorie loves playing for our Church and choir, and how much she loves using her God-given talent to serve her Lord. It has been a joy for me to get to work with her and I always enjoy playing our duets. We are indeed blessed and fortunate to have someone as talented and trained as Lorie to play the organ and piano for our Church. Oh, and the name Lorie, means crowned with laurels. And I believe she is!