1st Explorers Update

Last Monday, our 1st Explorers Ministry geared up for the school year! A hymn that came to mind as I prepared for work on Monday morning was Jesus Loves The Little Children. As I hummed it out of tune and off-key, I was reminded of the many ways our church loves all the little children. For countless years, First Baptist has provided a half-day preschool known as The Play Factory. Thousands of children and their families have been impacted by this ministry. This year, with a new name and new teachers, Wee Explorers began learning, sharing and growing together with 12 preschool-age children! For the past three years, our After School Ministry has become an integral part of who we are at First Baptist. This year we have close to 60 children enrolled in our After School Ministry. This past summer we provided a comprehensive day camp for close to 50 children. Our ministries to children and their families are growing in leaps and bounds and I’m grateful to be part of this congregation that is making a huge impact on our community and future generations.
Our church most certainly loves all the little children and I’m grateful for the ways in which we are able to provide space for children and their families in our church each day of the week. I invite you to find out how you can become involved with our 1st Explorers Ministries.

- Kelly Brown