Volunteer with After School!

Many of you provide support for our 1st Explorers Ministry in numerous ways, however we don’t have many congregation members that are willing to come volunteer and that is one thing I encourage each of you to consider. Consider coming to visit one afternoon and spending time in a classroom getting to know the students and staff members that make our program great!

For the past three years Betty Blanton has come on Tuesday afternoons to form relationships with our students and staff. Heres what she has to say about her Tuesday afternoons with 1st Explorers:

I have been volunteering in the program for at least the past 3 years. I am there on most Tuesday afternoons.  Folks this is one of the finest things our church has ever done when we started this back in 2013with about 6-106th graders from Fairview School.

It has been my privilege to work with many of these children but especially with my friend Joe Carnes.  Joe has been in After school ever since it became a full-time program which I think was 3 years ago.  He is a fine young man and he and I have become best friends.  We talk and laugh much of the time when I am with him and share what we have done during the day.  This is especially meaningful to me.

If you are retired and looking for something to help out with at church for one afternoon a week, contact Kelly Brown and volunteer to help with after school. I am sure Kelly would find a place for you to help. There are now about 60 kids in this program which is led by a fine staff from our church and students from WCU.

I sincerely hope this program will continue for years to come.

Please prayerfully consider volunteering with 1st Explorers on a consistent basis! Your presence will create lasting relationships with students and staff memebers!