Letter to First Baptist

Dear Members of First Baptist Church,

I began coordinating Jackson County’s Circle of Hope program in May of this year. My first meeting has remained with me in spite of my spotty memory. Everyone seemed happy, shining smiles everywhere and eyes eager to meet mine, a complete stranger. Since then, every Tuesday has been a Tuesday I eagerly anticipate at First Baptist Church. Thanks to your fabulous facility, mouthwatering meals and caring childcare our program has continued to grow and help people help themselves out of poverty. With the support of many in your congregation, our first cohort of Circle Leaders increased average income or returned to school, improved savings, increased friends and feel better about themselves and their future. Our next cohort began recently. Ten new Circle Leader candidates eager to get their lives in order while growing spiritually, emotionally and economically. Each candidate visited us and shared dinner before being interviewed and invited to become Circle Leader candidates. Your warm, welcoming environment encouraged them to become part of our Circles family. Thank you for all you do to support Circles of Hope, people in poverty and our community!

Ron Robinson Coordinator, Circles of Hope Jackson County