A 'Great Commission' Moment

Our Church is pleased to support Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Global Missions in moments like these offering hope and hospitality to Muslim neighbors in Southeast Asia:
"September began with our neighbors celebrating Eid al-Adha, the Feast of the Sacrifice. This is an important Muslim holiday that commemorates Abraham’s faith through the sacrifice of sheep, goats and cows. It was fun teaching our children about the holiday and how to pronounce the Arabic words (eed-al-odd-ha!). They asked, “Dad, why don’t we do sacrifices?” We had the opportunity to share this month with our children and our neighbors that Jesus is the final sacrifice.
We came to this country knowing God called us here to walk alongside people as they made their way through the decisions of life and faith. This month has been full of one-on-one conversations with students and young adults. Our study of the Song of Solomon has opened the door to many private discussions with students about their relationships. One does not feel loved, and other is unsure of which path is right. Another is recovering from abuse from within the church, but is running back to Jesus who she desperately missed during her time away."
               - Mike and Brooke CBF Field Personnel serving in Southeast Asia