The BALL Club (Being Active, Living Longer) Is Back!


Let’s rejuvenate the B.A.L.L. Club. All seniors 50 and older are invited to participate. First, let’s meet together to share ideas and start planning events for the next few months in the Mission Center on Thursday, April 4, at 2:00 pm. 

If you have questions, please call or text Linda Phelps at 270.784.2547.


WMU - Women's Missionary Union.gif

WMU invites all children in grades 1-6 to participate in this special day aimed at getting kids excited about missions as they engage in a hands-on activity to serve in our community.

Here's the plan -- Meet at church at church at 9:30 a.m. We'll have doughnuts and milk and then pack goody bags* for our shut-ins.
Next we'll load up in vans and visit our church's shut-ins and deliver the goody bags.
Finally, we'll come back to church and enjoy some pizza!
Please register to participate by calling the Church Office at 586-2095 by March 21st. Parents and other adults are invited to attend also. Mission Friends are invited to join us, but they must be accompanied by a parent or other adult.

*Bring some items for the goody bags. Some ideas are snack crackers, mints, hand sanitizers, chapstick, etc. Bring several of each item.


Community-Wide Talent Show

We will be hosting a community-wide talent show in order to raise funds for the Raise the Roof campaign. This campaign will fund multiple church building repair projects that are long-overdue.

To participate in the Talent Show, please pick up a sign-up sheet in the church office. Entry forms are due on March 31. Contact Jennie Hunter for more information at


Service of Lament for Victims of Gun Violence


Every year thousands of people die due to gun violence in the United States. While few of these deaths make headlines, each represents a life mourned by others, a life of unmet possibilities, a life of a beloved child of God. As a community of faith, it is right that we should gather to remember the sacredness of those lives and to reflect on the loss they mean to us all. The downtown Sylva churches invite you to join us on Thursday, April 4 at 12:00 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church of Sylva for a brief service of lament, prayer, and hope.

Did You Know?

United Christian Ministries.png

United Christian Ministries is celebrating its 30th year of serving Jackson County folk who have many needs. Let us help with the celebration by donating “30 Somethings”. Use your imagination – 30 rolls of toilet tissue, $30, 30 pounds of potatoes, etc. Work together with your Sunday School class, or your mission group, or the choir, or the staff. Let Tia know what you have done so it will be acknowledged as a challenge to others. In March fill the UCM donation box with “30 Somethings”.

These folks have responded! 

  Faith/Grace SS Class    $30
Joy SS Class                    30 lbs. potatoes + 20 bags coffee + cooking oil
Forrest Bryson Class     Case of Ramen noodles
Senior Men SS Class     120 Teabags
Individuals                     2 $30 checks + bags of flour + boxes of raisins
Choir bags of sugar
Staff canned veggies

Watch the Missions bulletin board for updates and the great poster by Andrew Beck, our artist in residence!