Raising the Roof Campaign


We only need about 55 more squares of shingles if it takes 60 squares of shingles for our roof!

Our fundraising goal is $50,000 which includes $30,000 for a new roof, $8,000 to repair wall and $12,000 for Buildings and Grounds to use for windows or boiler repair.

Upcoming fundraising projects planned are:

  • Talent Show in April. Please pickup an entry form in office.

  • Selling plants, bakery goods and handcraft items at Greening of the Mountains April 27. So, please divide your plants and make some items to sell.

  • Etiquette classes for 12 years and up in May.

  • Yard Sale in May. Start saving your items. All good clean items accepted except clothes. We will take only jeans in all sizes and children’s clothes and shoes size twelve and under.

Raise the Roof Campaign


Your church needs upkeep just like your home…Time for some major repairs!

We have a few large-scale projects that can no longer be put off:

 Our church needs a new roof.

 A new wall needs to be built in front side of the church.

 Furnace needs to be repaired.

 Windows need to be replaced. 

 Several small projects need attention.

Truth is, we have no money for the above projects.  We do have an emergency fund for needs such as a furnace or plumbing problem which we need to keep in place.  We will seek the most cost effective and physical pleasing options for these projects. 

That is why we are launching the Raise the Roof Campaign to raise funds for these projects.  We chose this name because:

1. Much of the money raised will be for a new roof and
2. During this initiative we want to not only raise money, but to raise hearts to God, our hands to help, raise hope for the future, and raise eyebrows as we come together to accomplish these tasks!

Because you are an important part of our family, we thought you would like to know what we are planning for the next six months.  We would like to invite you to be a part of this process.

Now, we ask you to prayerfully consider how you can help with Raise the Roof campaign.

Your generous donation to the project will eliminate the number of fundraising projects we have to initiate. We would appreciate a monetary donation toward this goal. Please write checks to First Baptist Church and put “Raise the Roof” in the memo line. They can be placed in the offering plate or left in the church office.


Jennie Hunter, Co-Chair
Linda Stewart, Co-Chair

When the Weather Outside Is Frightful...

In Case of Inclement Weather.png

Here are a few things to remember when snow, sleet, and freezing rain are in the forecast:

1.) Wednesday evening programming will not be determined by local school closings. The church will broadcast any cancellation on Wednesday via an email, our church’s website, Facebook page and in the local media.

2.) If the weather proves to be inclement on Sunday morning, we will make every effort to have church. If that goal proves to be elusive, we will likely A.) cancel Sunday School and offer only Worship at 10:30 AM, or B.) Schedule worship at 2:00 PM in the afternoon.

You may determine the status of our church programming at any time by checking our website, Facebook page, or our local media.  A decision will be made at least two hours prior to the regularly scheduled event.

Lastly, thank you for your understanding in advance as we strive to make decisions that are complicated by weather conditions which create different realities in our county due to location and elevation. Overwhelmingly, we are striving to provide continuity of ministry offerings while balancing concerns about road conditions.

Church Conference

church conference.jpg

At the conclusion of Adult Bible Study on Wednesday, December 5th in the Gathering Place, we will have a Church Conference.  This will be a time for the Budget and Finance Committee and the Board of Deacons to give an update on our budget.  While our budget remains the same, there are some realignments which will be shared.  Look forward to seeing you there.

Christmas Decorating

Decorate the Church - Christmas.jpg

On Sunday, November 25th, the Decorating Team is asking for volunteers to help decorate the church for the Christmas season. Decorating will begin after worship on the 25th, and a free lunch will be provided for everyone who comes out to help. If you have any questions, please contact Gwen Messer, 586-9416.