Did You Know?

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United Christian Ministries is celebrating its 30th year of serving Jackson County folk who have many needs. Let us help with the celebration by donating “30 Somethings”. Use your imagination – 30 rolls of toilet tissue, $30, 30 pounds of potatoes, etc. Work together with your Sunday School class, or your mission group, or the choir, or the staff. Let Tia know what you have done so it will be acknowledged as a challenge to others. In March fill the UCM donation box with “30 Somethings”.

These folks have responded! 

  Faith/Grace SS Class    $30
Joy SS Class                    30 lbs. potatoes + 20 bags coffee + cooking oil
Forrest Bryson Class     Case of Ramen noodles
Senior Men SS Class     120 Teabags
Individuals                     2 $30 checks + bags of flour + boxes of raisins
Choir bags of sugar
Staff canned veggies

Watch the Missions bulletin board for updates and the great poster by Andrew Beck, our artist in residence!

Spaghettios and Ravioli

December 9.png

Time is running out! Deadline, December 9.
Our church has pledged 450 cans of Spaghettios and Ravioli to help fill the Christmas break bags that United Christian Ministries is preparing to help feed Jackson County School children during the long break when lunches are not provided. At last count we had only 172 cans.
Donations are due in the Loving Kindness Room no later than Sunday, December 9. If you have no time to shop, a monetary donation of $1.00 per can will let someone else purchase the cans for you.


If our attendance at church is 125 and we need 450 cans of Spaghettios and Ravioli to meet our pledge in filling the Christmas Break Bags, how many cans do YOU need to bring?

Answer: 450 divided by 125 = 3.6 cans PER PERSON
(family of 4 = 15 cans, family of 3 = 11 cans, family of 2 = 7 cans, etc.) Of course, you may bring more!

Donations go into the UCM box in the Loving Kindness Room.

Christmas Break Food Bags.png

Christmas Break Bags

Our church has been asked to provide 450 cans of Spaghettios and Ravioli for the United Christian Ministries break bags which will be distributed to the 46% of the children who qualify for free breakfast and lunch when school is in session. Meeting the needs of hungry children locally is our way of responding to Jesus’ command to “go first to Jerusalem”. Donations are to be put in the UCM box in the Kindness Room.

Christmas Break Food Bags.png

UCM Fundraiser at Krismart Fashions


Krismart Fashions at 56 East Main Street (beside Kelsave) is again sponsoring a FUNDRAISER FOR UNITED CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES. 
For A $10 donation, you can receive 50 percent off any 1 item at Krismart. Your purchase must be made on Thursday, May 31 or Friday, June 1 only. Sale hours will be 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on both days. LIMIT 1 TICKET PER CUSTOMER. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING UNITED CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES.

What is United Christian Ministry?


Have you wondered how an elderly person on a small fixed income can pay an electric bill that has increased dramatically? Or how an impoverished family can feed several children breakfasts and lunches on days when there is no school?  Or what happens when food stamps are cut, with insufficient food for end-of-the-month meals?
Decades ago, three pastors from the downtown Sylva churches came together to discuss a common issue – how to address feeding hungry people who were coming to the churches.  Enlisting all of the Jackson County churches for support, UCM was begun.  Originally only a food pantry, with a part-time director, with a small office in a rental house, UCM was created. 
Still with a part-time director, the board is now considering an additional part-time assistant to help with the work load.  The house on Skyland Drive is mortgage-free, has had a pantry addition built, with storage sheds added to hold donated household goods, but is still bursting at the seams!
In addition to food pantry donations, monetary donations are received for the purpose of covering “other critical needs” in Jackson County families.  Unmanageable heating and electric bills, emergency prescriptions, fuel for cars to get them to jobs, unemployed adult children moving back home, house fires, etc. – real crises for which Christians can minister with loving support. 
First Baptist Church does have a line item in its budget for a monthly UCM donation, as well as a container in the Loving Kindness room by the elevator for donated food.  In addition, UCM needs volunteers, daily or weekly, to work with the director:  jobs in the pantry, at the reception desk, client-counseling, computer updating, cleaning, promotion detail, etc. To help with this ministry to our county’s families who are in crisis, talk to the director, Kathy Cross, about where you might serve. 
After 29 years, UCM still needs the support of all church-people in Jackson County.