Ladies' Nursing Home Worship Service


The ladies of the church will have a worship service at Skyland Nursing Home on Sunday, October 14th at 2:00 PM. Please put this on your calendar to come and help sing and minister to these dear people. This is also Homecoming at our church, so let’s share some of our spirit of fellowship with those who aren’t able to attend church.
Linda Stewart


1st annual Rock-a-Thon
Rocking for Missions


When: Saturday, October 13th from 10 AM - 2 PM

Location: First Baptist Church of Sylva’s outdoor front common area

Mission:  Our GA, RA and Acteen mission programs work hard every year learning about missionary work here and abroad.  We want to provide them with an opportunity to earn funds in a FUN way to help provide for a missionary project. 

Rock-A-Thon description:  We hope to have 10-15 school age participants, Grades 2-12, to rock in rocking chairs between 10 AM - 2 PM.   Kindergartners and 1st graders are welcome but a parent or guardian must stay with the child during the event. 

How will they raise money? Each participant will get at least 5 sponsors to sponsor their rocking efforts per hour and also help sell jewelry, coffee, and baked goods. 

How will the money be used to benefit mission services? To provide food boxes for children and youth through United Christian Ministries of Jackson County, NC. 

How can I help?  You can help by sponsoring your child and help them achieve their goals of 5 or more sponsors or if your child is unable to attend you can also help by donating baked goods to sell or monetary funds to First Baptist Church of Sylva/Mission programs by check or cash at our church office M-F 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM.   

Can I volunteer?  We would love for you to volunteer your time during the event.  You can also rock for missions and have sponsors yourself or you can donate baked goods to sell or just be present to support your child at the event. 

Deadline:  All permission slips/Volunteers forms are due by October 10th

                   All sponsorship forms and money is due by Oct 13th. 


Contact:   Bethany Moore @ 828-226-3433 or Email

Donations for Hurricane Relief

Many of us have been looking for a place to take items we would like to donated to help those effected by the hurricane and flooding in the eastern part of our state.

Scott’s Creek Baptist Church, 97 Steeple Road, Sylva currently has a semi trailer on their property and is collecting donations. Once it is filled they will be delivering the items. Currently, it is only 25% full.

Now is the perfect time to look in your closets, garages, attics etc and see what you can clean out to help others! Items needed: Clothes for adults, children and infants, shoes, small appliances ( do you have two of something....please donate one), small pieces of furniture, linens, non perishable food, children’s toys and balls, yard equipment and tools, cleaning and paper products, grooming items, items for pets etc


1st Explorers Hurricane Relief

For the past week, we have been talking with our Explorers in After School about Hurricane Florence and how devastating it has been for many families who have lost their homes, belongings, and even have lost loved ones. I have been in contact with the North Carolina Baptist Men who provide a significant amount of disaster relief and support to communities. During chapel we have been talking about community and how we can support the Body of Christ with our gifts and out of this timely discussion the kids have been able to create a list of things we will be putting in bags to deliver to a donation processing center to support those have been affected by the storm. Until October 12th we will be accepting donations for the following items:

  • Gallon Ziplock bags 

  • Toothbrushes/Toothpaste

  • Hand sanitizer 

  • Snacks (Poptarts, granola bars, trail mix, etc.) 

  • Soap

  • Notebooks 

  • Pens and Pencils

Items can be dropped off at the back door during pick-up. After the 12th, we will put the bags together as a part of our weekly chapel service on Monday, October 15th, then we will organize a time to have the items delivered to a Mission Camp in Shelby, NC. 

Thank You Note from Betty Blanton

I would like to thank Frank Wilkie, Dennis Wilkey, Arlin Middleton, and Guy Hall for installing 2 railings for me at my kitchen door last week to help me climb the steps to get into my house. This has made it so much easier for me to be able to get in and out of my house because of the problems I have been having with my right knee. You men do so much to help the Seniors of our church and community who have a hard time getting around because of age and health issues.  Your time and effort is appreciated.
Thanks again,
Betty Blanton

Thank you!

Last Saturday we had a workday to freshen and update our nursery.  It was a long, but very productive day.  To the following people who painted, cleaned toys, provided child care, cleaned up afterward, moved furniture (before or after), ran errands, provided meals or supplies or any other contribution to the day whether behind the scenes or out front, we thank you!

Afton Stout, Jameson Stout, Nicole Bolduc, Autumn Burnes, Morgan Hunley, Barbara Holquist, Bob Holquist, Debbie Logan, Peyton Logan, Brayden Logan, Rebecca Mathis, Ellen Mathis, Carol Cloer.

Your work is greatly appreciated!

Hurricane Florence Response Update


As the remnants of Hurricane Florence move north, our state moves in to recovery mode. Rivers continue to rise and many communities are still under threat. CBFNC has been attempting to communicate with churches in the affected regions over the weekend, to express care and concern, and churches in other parts of the start are asking how they can help. Here are our priorities today:

Pray - Please continue to pray for our neighbors in eastern North Carolina, not only those who have experienced loss, but those seeking to minister to them.

Serve - Right now, our mission partners, Baptists on Mission (NCBM), who specialize in disaster response, have set up operations in several locations. They have the infrastructure to help those in need. They need volunteers. Please visit their website for updates and opportunities.

Give - As with Hurricane Matthew, CBFNC will receive donations for Disaster Response. Such funds will be utilized to assist partner churches in the affected regions minister in their communities, to address short-term and longer-term needs. Click here to donate.

Patience - We all are anxious to help now. But the effects of this storm, and recovery efforts, will go on for months to come. CBFNC is not a disaster response organization. We are a missional fellowship that cares for one another and our communities. We are committed to serve our churches and communities, especially the most neglected, in ways consistent with our unique capacities, for as long as it takes.

Larry Hovis
Executive Coordinator